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Freshmethod’s Frequently Asked Questions.

How do we prioritise and action service requests?

Priority 1 (Critical) – 1 hour resolution plan
Major emergency – “Show Stopper”: e.g. loss of essential server/s or services affecting all users.

Priority 2 (High Impact) – 2 hour resolution plan
A single or group of users are unable to perform time critical or important tasks, no reasonable workaround is
achievable and this is affecting the Company’s ability to service its clients.

Priority 3 (Medium Impact)-8 hour resolution plan
A single user or a group of users have an issue with a program or service that is restricting their ability to work but
it isn’t time critical or there is a reasonable workaround.

Priority 4 (Low Impact) – 16 hour resolution plan
Any request that is not affecting productivity. This includes new user requests, or any issue that isn’t impacting
on business continuity.

Priority 5 (Planned) – Scheduled, no SLA
Any request that involves change of environment, advice or queries that fall outside of service, or needs to be
planned and falls outside of the SLA.

How do we contact you after hours?

Freshmethod offers an after hours service at a rate of $175 per hour, for after hours support please call 1300 766 554.

Our entire office is offline what do we do?

In an emergency call our office directly on 1300 766 554 and this will be listed as a Priority 1.

I still have questions?

Be sure to drop us a request here.